Guide to Social Media Metrics for Non-Profits


Social media channels produce an immense amount of data – how do you know which data points to focus on? Which metrics will give you the insights that will improve your performance and results?

Digital Charity Lab has a new Guide to Social Media Metrics for Charities & Non-Profits, that explains everything you need to know. You can download this guide for free now.

It covers:

  • Why good social media reporting matters, and how proper reporting can save your charity time and money
  • Where to start with your reporting, and how to set up a framework
  • Vanity metrics, what they are and why you need to avoid them
  • Why ‘followers’ are no longer relevant, and what you should measure instead
  • Meaningful metrics
  • How to format your reporting
  • Benchmarks (and why you need to be cautious about them)
  • Metrics per social channel
  • Glossary of social reporting terms
  • Video metrics
  • Where to find help with reporting

Reporting is probably the most foundational skill we need when it comes to digital. Good reporting will help you to focus on the digital activities that are working, and move resources away from the ones that are under-performing.

So much data is reported from social media (and Google Analytics) that it can become quite overwhelming. But you don’t need to report on everything. This guide will help you focus on the most significant metrics, the ones that are real measures of success.

The problems caused by poor reporting:

  • Time wasted on activities that are just creating digital clutter, and not bringing in any real return
  • With the wrong data (or no data), organisations can’t make informed business decisions about which activities to focus on
  • Digital staff not learning effective measurement on the job, leading to a skills gap

Use this free Digital Charity Lab guide to develop more streamlined and effective reporting on your charity’s social media activities, and you’ll not only save time, you’ll know where you need to take action to improve your results.


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