Template: Brief for Your Organisation’s First Website


Are you with a new charity, campaign or social enterprise that needs its first website? Are you wondering how to start writing a brief to send to web agencies? Use our handy free template to develop a comprehensive brief for your organisation’s first ever website.

The template is a customisable Microsoft Word document, is free to download and comes with an info sheet about key areas to consider when you’re commissioning your non-profit’s first ever website.


Building the first ever website for your new non-profit or charity is such an important project – your website will be your online hub, and you’ll need to ensure that it’s both user-friendly for your site visitors, and easy for you to manage.

Our free template brief for a new website will help you plan out everything you need, including:

  • Goals for your website
  • Branding and the site’s look and feel
  • The specific functions that you’ll need on the site, such as:
    • Online donations
    • Email subscriptions
    • Ecommerce shop
    • Membership sign up
  • Hosting and domains
  • Site tracking and conversions
  • Site architecture – how the site will be structured
  • Content – what content is ready, what needs to be created, whether you’ll need agency support in building it
  • Compliance – site security, data protection
  • The ongoing support that your organisation will require for updates, fixes and changes