Articles you shouldn’t miss

Don’t miss these articles: they will help you to get a strategic plan for this crisis in place, and give you useful techniques for implementing your digital activities.

9 quick thoughts about (Black Swan)
Digital Fundraising in the coming months…
by Nick Burne

Nick Burne (digital consultant and founder of GivePanel) shares some really smart, strategic, big picture thinking about digital fundraising in this piece. It should help to calm nerves, whether your own or those of your board. I particularly like this point:

It’s time to get back to basics. Stop doing digital fundraising activity that doesn’t work. Focus on the foundations – optimisation, engaging and serving your existing supporters. Time to shift from focusing on top-line revenue to net returns (profitability) .

Forward Action’s series on digital mobilisation during the Covid outbreak

These articles are fantastic. Forward Action have identified four tiers of digital activities for organisations to prioritise:

  1. Tried and tested tactics to drive online donations, with low lead in times
  2. Low cost, quick-to-implement optimisations
  3. Longer lead time, but with potential to deliver high returns over the next few months
  4. Newer, more experimental tactics

They’re producing detailed articles on each, explaining the rationale behind each strategic choice and specific techniques for implementing them. This is incredibly useful, instantly actionable information, and it’s really generous of Forward Action to share these for free.

Useful pieces on remote working and tech

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