Email: plan a reactivation campaign


A reactivation campaign is a useful way to clean up your list and remove subscribers who are not engaging with any of your emails. This should reduce the cost of your email service and improve your email deliverability. 

I wouldn’t advise running a reactivation campaign during the early days of the crisis – it might be a bit jarring.  But it’s a good time to plan one. 


  1. Analyse your list and see what kind of numbers are engaged and how many are dormant
  2. Talk to your colleagues and figure out where you want to draw the line. Should you start removing people who haven’t engaged in 12 months, or 24 months? You and your team will know best about the typical life-cycle of your supporters.
  3. Draw up a plan for the emails that you’re going to send – how many, the content of each, the subject lines