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As part of our work to provide affordable digital training for non-profits, we have created three online courses, which are hosted on the elearning site We offer large discounts on the prices of these courses to visitors to this site and subscribers to our mailing list.

Because the courses are online, you can take them wherever and whenever suits you best, at your own pace. When you buy each course, you get lifetime access, which includes all future updates and additions to the course.

Email Marketing for Non-Profits

Learn how email marketing can promote your charity’s online fundraising, campaigns, events and more, and learn how to design and write effective emails.

Easy, Effective Google Grant Ads for Non-Profits & Charities

Learn an effective and time-efficient technique for managing your Google Grant Ads and achieving a CTR of over 5%.

Digital Marketing for Non-Profits

Where to start with digital marketing for your cause, and how to prioritise the most effective digital channels so you get a good return on your time